Panama City Beach is situated in the Northern part of Florida along the Gulf Coast. Highly regarded as “the best beach this side of paradise”, Panama City Beach offers 27 miles of sugar white sandy beaches, emerald green waters along the shoreline, and boasts an average of 320 days of beautiful sunshine per year.

The weather is sub-tropical, with a year-round temperature averaging 74 degrees, what many would consider perfect weather for relaxing and definitely a key reason why Panama City Beach travel is so popular. This Summester Break destination allows students from all over the country to hop in their cars and drive to their own paradise.  On a college budget, you can travel to PCB, stay in an incredible property on the beach, and party like there is no tomorrow.

Panama City Beach is home to famous beachfront clubs and restaurants like Harpoon Harry’s and Longboards that are open day and night.  This is a place where you can unplug from the semester of college work and leave the studying behind.